We are a divided nation at Six ways to Sunday when it comes to the Rugby World Cup.
While I for one am not giving up my usual morning routine for anyone, I am lucky enough that Suzanne
will keep me updated on the score and any other exciting happenings from her front row seat in the lounge.
After the Sa/Nam game she checked her mail and exclaimed: Ah! The only emails I have is from Anja, the one person in SA who didn’t watch the game!
I protested this of course, but mentally thanked her for the fact that unlike many others in my position, I at least know who won, and by how much!
Keeping this in mind we decided that showing a bit of patriotism in the form of a green and gold wedding
inspiration board certainly wouldn’t go amiss among any readers, whichever way rugby inclined. Enjoy! And good luck Bokke!

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